Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Take Time for People"

Last night I went to the grocery store by myself.  I promised Abe I would hurry and be back with a movie for all of us to watch because I would be that fast shopping alone.

As I walked through the store, several times the thought came very strong to me, "Take time for people.  Look at them."

As I crouched down in one of the isles to assess the price on something, I heard some Spanish a little ways behind me.  I turned around to look at who was speaking and saw some friends- an older couple that I love so much.  I went over to say hi and planned on going on my way so I could return in time for my waiting family.  The thought returned again to "take time for people."

I said something in Spanish, but I must have said it wrong because they began to answer a different question.  That different question led into a discussion on a very important topic.

We stood in the aisle at the grocery store for over half an hour shedding tears.  I listened to their most amazing story of faith and strength as they endured their many trials.  I knew that God directed me there at that time when I could truly listen.  As they shared their story, I listened without judgment.  I knew I needed to hear their family's story of great courage.

That moment was a miracle and a testimony builder to me of Christ's great love for each of us.  He wants each of us to feel valued, important, and understood.

I have recently been feeling the pain of so many friends going through hard times and having their faith be challenged; I was grateful to be strengthened by this couple's firm testimonies of following truth despite the hurt they have experienced.  How many more stories need to be heard and told?

I'm so grateful that the Holy Ghost spoke to my heart to warn me of a coming experience that would strengthen both me and this dear couple.  God loves us and wants us to be strong... to hold on to our faith.  If we open our hearts, HE will provide the miracles necessary to strengthen us in the moments we need them most.