Monday, April 15, 2013

Hold On To TRUTH!!

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting.  Once a month (usually the first Sunday of the month) we fast for 2 meals or 24 hours.  We do this as a worldwide church.  The money that we do not use on food, we give to the Bishop of our congregation who then gives it to those who are in need.  We are encouraged to be generous with that donation.

On the same Sunday of that fast, we hold a testimony meeting.  In this meeting, anyone can walk up to the front of the congregation and bear their testimonies of the truths that they know in their hearts.

Yesterday, Jackson walked up and Jordan followed close behind.  Then five year old Mariah quickly walked up too.  Tyson looked over at me with a look as if to say, "Is it ok?"  I assured him it was, and he walked to the front as well. At the same time, 2 boys from another family also walked up to the front.  All 6 children sat on the stand waiting for their turn to speak.  None of them had prepared beforehand.  In fact the mother of the other two boys said one of her sons took courage to stand after seeing his buddies, my sons, walking to the front.

Usually a couple of my children stand to bear their testimonies during this special meeting; but as all 4 of my older children bore their testimonies, something touched my heart extra profoundly this time.

Jackson bore his testimony proclaiming his gratitude for Christ's sacrifice on the cross and HIS suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.   Jordan bore his testimony about the truthfulness of this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and proclaimed that Joseph Smith is a true prophet.  Tyson bore his testimony about Jesus Christ's sacrifice and love for us and also proclaimed that Joseph Smith is a true prophet.  The 2 young boys from the other family also bore their beautiful testimonies.  I felt the Spirit as each one of these 5 boys bore their short yet sincere testimonies.

Mariah was the last of the children to speak.  Since she was the youngest to bear her testimony, I figured she would repeat much of what she had heard.  That was not so...

Mariah stood and bore her testimony about her love for the scriptures.  She talked longer and even paused for a while to think.  She talked about how good the scriptures made her feel.  I cried as she spoke. I thought she was done with her testimony, but then she leaned her little arms on the pulpit and stated her message again about how wonderful the scriptures are.

After bearing her testimony and being overwhelmed with the Spirit, Mariah sat and began to write in her journal during the rest of Sacrament meeting.   I'll interpret a few of her writings.

"I fel the Hot Gost" = I feel the Holy Ghost

"Good is Savir"= God is Savior

"I love you Good"=  I love you God

Now let me tell you why this was so significant and miraculous!!

On Friday, I was reading the scriptures and teaching the children about the history of Joseph Smith to the children at lunchtime when I unexpectedly felt a negative force in my mind that literally stopped me.  I was so taken back by the negativity that I immediately told the children that scripture study was over and quietly went somewhere else to pray.  The children had no idea why I stopped reading; they just figured it was time to move on with the day.

As I prayed and questioned the Lord about those strange feelings, I felt guided to read the scriptures again.  As I read again, peace overwhelmed me.  I knew that Satan had tried hard to attack the message I was sharing with my children.

I didn't fully understand why he had attacked me so hard on Friday until I pondered my children's testimonies.  I realized that God wanted me to hear the depth of the impact the word of God had left on their hearts.  Satan was fighting the teaching that was taking place in the home.

When the adversary attacked, I prayed harder to my Heavenly Father.  In turn, HE blessed me with overwhelming peace; and 2 days later, with the miracle of hearing, feeling, and seeing the effect of that scripture study.

One might think that these children couldn't possibly feel and understand the truthfulness of this gospel at such a young age.  Nobody prepped them, but they each stood with spiritual strength and maturity.  They stood accompanied by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Nobody can tell me there's not a spiritual war going on right now.  I pray that my family will be protected as I continue to move forward in those things that I know to be true.

I testify that we are on the winning side of that war... God's side.  Hold on to TRUTH!!