Monday, April 22, 2013

God of Order

Amazing progress has taken place in my primary class!

Yesterday I had 13 children in my class, and they were all amazing!!  I usually have 10 children every week, and almost all of them come prepared with their scriptures in hand.

When I started teaching the class, there were about 4 children that thought it was acceptable to sit under the table, stand on their chairs, lie on the floor, or stretch out horizontally across the chairs.  They also thought it was acceptable to shout during class.

Some of the children have conditions that make it very difficult for them to sit still, but I believe that they are capable of doing more!!  Aren't we all?  My miracle is simple... it's the miraculous power of the Holy Ghost.  The influence of the Holy Ghost on our hearts has a much more powerful effect of joy than all the games and wild play could ever do.

After the first Sunday I taught, one of the children complained to his father:  "My teacher won't let me sleep during class."

I took that as a compliment. :-)

Each week I instantly corrected this behavior of children crawling under chairs and laying sideways, and each week the children improved.

In the beginning of our improvements, a child complained to her mother that she didn't want to go to primary because she couldn't play.  Since then, that child has discovered the joy in actually learning the gospel; her mother reported that now her child does all she can to make sure she's there.

The children's change in behavior is NOT because of how great I am!!  I really would like to prepare more fun activities and more creative hand-outs if I could find the time.  I believe that the children are enjoying the class because the chaos has been removed, and they have discovered the beauty of the influence of the Holy Ghost upon their hearts.  I teach with lots of expression, love, and passion to keep their attention, and I expect a higher level of respect and order in the classroom... because our God is a God of order.  When we allow chaos, the Spirit has no opportunity to bear testimony to the hearts of the children.

Recently, one of the children said to his family, "I love Sister Mills; she really preaches the Word!"  His family laughed and told me the story.  I was so grateful that the chaos was gone long enough for this child to feel the Word reach his heart.  Some of the children still have to work very hard to do what I expect of them, but their hard work rewards themselves and the entire class.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ with all my heart.  I have a passion for the truths being taught to the children.  I want them to be prepared to go forward through their lives with the greatest faith of all.  I love my class, and I love knowing their future is bright as they learn to calm their little souls long enough to enjoy the greatest Teacher of their souls... the Holy Ghost.

At the end of class yesterday, I had all 13 children raise their hands in a promise to themselves that they would hold on to the Iron Rod on good days and on bad days.  The Iron Rod represents the Word of God.  The Holy Ghost touched their souls, and they promised to never let go.