Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Conference Miracle

General Conference weekend!!  During this weekend our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, along with many other General Authorities broadcast spiritual messages of inspiration and revelation over internet, satellite, and television to the entire world membership- translating that message into 92 languages.  There are over 14 million members including 65,634 missionaries serving throughout the world.  We watch three 2-hr. sessions on Saturday (one of those is just for the men), and two 2-hr. sessions on Sunday.  

This weekend takes place twice a year, and our family always looks forward to the messages we'll hear.   We prepare by praying that our hearts will be open to know the improvements we should make in our own lives.  I am always comforted by many of the messages feeling as if the speakers are talking just to me!

Yesterday, the unexpected happened....

Abe set up our projector to show conference, and the children were all in the family room ready to watch it.  Mariah brought milk and cups in for everyone so that nobody would have to leave to get a drink, and the boys all had their notepads and pencils ready to take notes.  

It was 5 minutes before start time, and Abe and I had just started a disagreement over a silly matter.  We both became frustrated.  The choir was singing, and conference was starting!!  We hadn't resolved our concern yet, so we kept talking!  Right then, one of the kids came around the corner and said, "Why are you guys letting Satan stop you from watching General Conference?"  

Ouch!!  It hurt to hear that, but of course it was the adversary because we had absolutely no problems all morning until 5 minutes before we would hear our prophet's message!!  We had been waiting for General Conference to start for 6 months- why were we letting a silly matter keep us from watching? 

Still feeling grumpy but trying to be humble, we both sat down to listen to the opening prayer.  After a couple of talks on forgiveness, repentance, the importance of marital relationships, and Satan's attempts to destroy the family, I felt like they were giving the talks just to me again.  Abe and I apologized to each other from across the room... to which the children gave their (parental) smile of approval.  

We had a beautiful, uplifting experience watching conference today because two miracles took place... 

*The exact message I needed to hear was spoken right when I needed to hear it.  Because we chose to listen to God's word, God's miraculous power softened our hearts and sent the negativity away.

*The other miracle was that our children recognized whose influence it was that started our disagreement, and they also understood why that negative influence was trying to enter our home at that particular time. 

I believe that when something really great is about to take place... baptism, marriage, scripture study etc., the adversary tries extra hard.  I don't like to talk about the adversary, but I do believe it is important to recognize that he is real so that we can better fight his influence. 

I'm grateful our children understood the cause of our conflict and had the courage to bring it to our attention.  

I'm also grateful that we can send that ugly influence away quickly and simply by humbly calling down the powers of Heaven.