Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Bad Do You Want It?

I home-school my kids.  Yesterday, Tyson had a hard time focusing on his work... wrestling during Spanish class etc.

When the principal (my husband) came home, he gave Tyson a serious talk upstairs in his office about how he needed to respect his teacher (me of course).  Tyson insisted that he just didn't get enough time to run around, so it was hard for him to hold still.  Knowing he had played half the morning and also played at scouts, I decided to give him an opportunity to let out his extra energy... to run around.

I took Tyson to the YMCA for a late night training run with me!!

We ran a couple of hard miles.  Then, we did some sprints... that's when the tears started.  On the first lap, he started off strong.  Tyson is a faster sprinter than I am.  As we came up the last straightway, I started to gain on him.  I yelled to him to go harder because I was coming up behind him.  I saw his forward motion hesitate and lose momentum.  He only had a few feet to go, but he slowed down!!  

I talked to him about not being intimidated by those coming from behind.  I told him he just needed to keep doing his best and to keep pushing through to the end no matter what.

He is starting spring football next week, so I reminded him that this would help him run his touchdowns in the final quarter.  As we were about to run our final sprint, Tyson thought he couldn't run anymore.  I knew he could or else I wouldn't have pushed him.  

We were the only ones left in the track/gym area except for a young man in his early 20's.  As that young man began to leave, I said, "See?  He's an athlete..."  That's all I was able to say before this young man turned around to come talk to Tyson.

I told him that Tyson was struggling a little with the pain he was feeling as he ran.

He said, "Hey man!  If you want it bad enough, there is no pain!!"  He talked to Tyson about how he was recruited to play college basketball... how he played through the pain... and worked hard for what he wanted.  He also told Tyson that he had watched him running on the indoor track there several times.  He encouraged him and told him he was doing a great job.  

Wow!  You should have seen the look on Tyson's face!!  He was determined.  He didn't have a pout on his face anymore.  There was no look of pain or exhaustion.  Right before he ran the last sprint he said, "Has anyone ran this lap in 10 seconds?  How about 20 seconds?"  I told him to go for his very best!  

We ran around the final corner, and I yelled out, "Go harder!!  This is it!!"  

This time he didn't hesitate.  This time he lengthened his stride.  He did it!!  He finished his final sprint with a personal best time ever!

...and for this morning's home-schooling?  Well, Principal Daddy will be very impressed with how well Tyson is staying on task.  

...and for me?  I learned something too from the young man in his early 20's.  If I want a home of absolute peace and beauty bad enough, there is no pain that will stop me from lengthening my stride.  Yesterday, I too was feeling tired in my motherly duties and sick of the cold, dreary weather and wanted to cry.  The pain is there, but as I focus on what I want more than the pain, I remember the great worth of my endeavors.  

This experience reminds me of fasting.  We are told not to focus on the hunger/pain but to focus on the spiritual blessing we are striving towards.

I thank God for placing special people in our path each day to teach and remind us of HIS almighty principles.  That young man's words were a miracle to me and to Tyson.