Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Change of Heart Today

I had to get all the kids out the door extra early this morning, and we woke up extra late!  I hate it when I do that!!  Stress rises, and I slip into my Lucille Ball mode.  Both my mother and I have been told by our husbands that we could create Lucille Ball episodes on a regular basis.  

Abe asked how he could help me get out the door quicker.  I said, "Hold the baby!"  One minute later, in my brainless state of mind, I asked, "Where is the baby?"  Abe was sitting there holding the baby of course.  Minutes later, I threw some clothes at Abe and said, "The baby doesn't need to be held anymore!  Dress Juliana!!"  Abe was late for work too and had to take Jackson to a class, so he helped as long as he could but really had to leave.

Thinking the other 5 children and I were leaving for our destination just minutes after him, he kissed me and said, "I know you don't really like me that much right now, but you're going to see a miracle in this."  I immediately thought, "Miracle in this?  No way!  I'm late, and I'm grouchy."

I called all the children to head for the car and realized my keys were gone!  My heart sunk!  The children and I searched everywhere, dumped out all of our bags and prayed for help, but we could not find them!!  

Then, after about 15 minutes of searching, I finally slowed down long enough to listen to what the Spirit was telling me.  Only when I was quiet in my mind, I remembered that Jackson had asked to use the keys late last night to get into the van.  That meant the keys could be anywhere, and he was not with us to tell us where they were.

Ugh.. I needed help from Abe because he had an extra set of keys.  If I called him for help, I would have to say sorry for being so grouchy, and I would be making him even more late for work.  I really didn't want to call him for help; I wasn't ready to be humble yet, but I had no choice.

That sweet man didn't even make me feel bad when I told him of my predicament.  He didn't even tell me how much this was going to cause problems for him with his work.  In a very forgiving tone, he said, "You know you're really cute when you're mad, right?  I'll be there soon."

Abe had the choice at that moment to add fuel to the fire or to change the entire tone for both of us.  He chose "the road less traveled" and said I was cute.  I'm pretty sure there was nothing cute about me.  Between God humbling me by my loss of keys and Abe humbling me by his undeserved kindness to me, I knew I was seeing a miracle in this- just as Abe had said I would. 

God loved me enough to put my relationship with my husband above being on time to an appointment.  I needed to start over this morning, and HE provided me with that opportunity.  I realize it is much better for those who are humble without having to be compelled, but I'm grateful the humbling took place nonetheless.  I'm grateful for a forgiving husband, and I'm grateful I had a new start to a beautiful day.

I'm grateful for God's daily miracles.