Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not a Coincidence

The following are a series of very interesting events where the timing couldn't have been more impeccable.  Several hundred thousand people live in this particular area of Utah where these experiences took place, so the likelihood of this being a coincidence just doesn't stand to reason.

Abe is in Utah today for only one day.  He flew in last night and leaves tomorrow morning.  He didn't tell anyone that he was going there because he knew he wouldn't have time to see all the people we love there.  Two of the people he did see though were pretty significant.

*I had a college roommate for 2 years who also lived with me and Abe for a short time.  She was even one of my bridesmaids- we're that close.  Abe happened to see her at the grocery store today and was able to give her a big hug for me.

*Today, Abe was trying to keep up with his buddy who had to check about 5 stores in an effort to find a specific item.  As they were running between stores, they passed through the food court when someone called out Abe's name.  He turned around and saw our nephew standing there donning a Chic-fil-A uniform. We didn't even realize he was living there because his family lives in Arizona!  He's our only nephew old enough to even be living on his own!  They had the wonderful opportunity to give each other big hugs and express their love.  How special to see him!!  Neither of us had seen him since before his mission!!   Coincidence?  Nope!  God knew that Uncle Abe and Daniel needed to hug.

*Several years ago, when I was a college student, I was sitting on a blanket with thousands of people around me outside of the BYU football stadium watching fireworks.  I had been living in Idaho for the Summer as a camp counselor, but I wanted to come to Utah for the 4th of July because it was such a fantastic celebration.  I had been sitting there for at least an hour when a little girl walked up to me.  I looked at her twice and then screamed with excitement.  It was my niece!!!!  I turned around, and my sister from Arizona had been sitting literally 2 blankets away from me the entire time!!!  There were thousands of people everywhere, so we hadn't even noticed each other.  I had no idea she was coming to Utah for a visit, and she thought that I was still in Idaho.  I was living out west with no family around, and I definitely needed a big hug from my sister!!

*This past Summer, I drove our 6 children and my teenage niece and nephew to Utah.  I was just leaving BYU campus with the some of the kids, when someone yelled my name in the parking lot.  I looked around wondering who in the world would know my name here in Provo?  My cousin was walking right behind me!!  I hadn't seen her since my wedding 11 years ago, and there she was with her husband and all her kids.  We hugged over and over again and took lots of pictures.  We had tried to meet up the previous year at my mom's house, but it didn't work out.  She was visiting in the area from Colorado for only one day, and God had orchestrated it so that our paths could cross.  I'm sure God enjoyed creating that miracle for us.  We were all filled with so much joy to have an instant reunion.

*On a separate occasion that very same week, I had 2 thoughts as I was driving to the store... It wasn't a formal prayer to God, but I was talking to HIM about my predicament.

Thought #1:  Juliana had fallen asleep in the car, and I needed to run in really quickly to get some formula for Jayden.  My older boys were at a football camp, so I didn't have anyone in the car old enough to watch the younger ones.  I would need to wake her up just to run into the store for 5 minutes.  I was thinking how much I wished I knew someone there so they could stand by my car while I ran in and out really fast.  I was even thinking that someone should start a car-sitting business for mothers with lots of errands and lots of children.

Thought #2:  I had no idea how to get a hold of 2 friends of ours.  One friend had worked with Abe years ago at BYU, and we just loved her motherly nature.  We never did have her phone number, but I just wanted to give her a big hug.  We knew the other friend from a connection we had through our love for adoption.  We had shared many dinners together in each other's homes.  I didn't know how to contact them though because they had moved, and I had lost her phone number.  I was sad that I would be leaving Utah without the chance to see either of them.

I pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store; and just as I was about to get out of the car, I saw a very familiar face coming toward my van.  Because of the way we were parked, both driver-side windows were facing each other.  She was parked right next to me, so I opened my door and called her by name.  She wasn't expecting to see me there, so I took her by surprise.  You know my friend with the motherly nature that I wanted to hug?  Her daughter was standing right in front of me!!!  They didn't even live in that city!!  She of course gave me her mom's phone number... and she watched my babies while I ran into the store to get the formula... just as I had hoped for.  That was no coincidence!!  That was a miracle.

The miracle doesn't stop there though.  Upon further discussion, I found out that she worked with our other dear friends whose number I had lost.  Not only did she know them, but she had their phone number too!  God would placed me in the direct path of probably the only person in the world with both of these women's phone numbers stored in her phone!!!  ...and to top it off... and just to let me know HE loves me and cares about the little things, God even provided me with a 5 minute baby-sitter.

It's always fun to run into old friends and especially family.  There are surprise meetings all the time.  I have long lists of situations such as these.  We will probably never know the full depth of the reasons we needed to see a certain person at that particular moment, but I'm touched when these experiences take place because I believe that God's hand is in these surprise reunions.  

I believe that God cherishes and values our relationship with HIM, and I believe that HE wants us to cherish and value uplifting and familial relationships here on Earth.  Sometimes it's for their benefit, sometimes it's for our benefit, and most of the time it's mutually benefitting.  I'm grateful that God orchestrates these meetings in such miraculous ways.