Monday, February 25, 2013

The Healing Power of the Priesthood

I was a freshman in college returning home from my date when I saw the power of the Priesthood in a way I never had before.  Another couple was with us; and we were all saying our goodbyes in the parking lot, when we saw a girl stumbling towards us.  As she got closer, I rushed to her and realized I knew her from my dorms and that she was in serious trouble.  She was crying hysterically saying she wanted to take her life. No matter what we said or did we could not calm her down.

After hugging her, praying for her, and talking with her for about 15 minutes,  we were still unable to calm her soul.  Finally, my friend's date placed his hands upon her head and gave her a priesthood blessing.  Immediately after the blessing started, we could feel her body and her spirit calm down... letting go.  

I felt such gratitude for this young man in his early 20's who had the priesthood and was ready to use it at this crucial moment when this young college girl needed it most.  My date did not have the priesthood, and I wished he did.  I made a decision at that very moment that I would date and marry a man who would be able to administer blessings from God to me and our children.

Priesthood blessings have always calmed my heart when it has been full of stress.  They have also always been the source of great healing in our family.  Just this weekend, my husband was able to give our son a priesthood blessing for his health.  I'm grateful that Abe is always willing and worthy to do so. 

Last year, I was serving as the president over the young women in our congregation; and one particular day, I felt especially overwhelmed.  So many things weighed on my heart:  I felt inadequate as the president, inadequate as a wife, and inadequate as a mother.  

At that moment, I just needed to feel my Heavenly Father's love.  .  I knew HE loved me, so I knelt down to pray and ask God to help me to feel that love.  I stayed there for a few minutes, and I felt nothing different.  Feeling disappointed, impatient, stressed, anxious, and hurt, I stood up and went on with my duties.  There was no time to wait any longer.

That night, I was to meet with a member of our bishopric to let him know how things were going in my calling as president; it's called a stewardship interview.  I began to talk about the needs of the girls when all of a sudden he stopped me and said, "This may sound strange, but I believe we need to talk about you instead this evening.  Are you OK?  Would it be ok if I gave you a blessing?"  

Unable to speak, I nodded my head.  I knew if I spoke, I would cry.  How did he know I needed help?  Knowing absolutely nothing of my prayer earlier that day, this righteous priesthood holder placed his hands upon my head and these are the first words he spoke :  "Rachel, your Heavenly Father loves you very much, and HE wants you to feel of HIS love for you."  

My body trembled and tears poured from my eyes.  I opened my heart, and I felt HIS love stronger than I can even write.  It was strengthening and weakening at the same time.  Every bit of me knew and felt that I was loved.  I don't believe that Heavenly Father was ever withholding that love from me.  I believe it was me that had closed off my ability to feel HIS love because of my anxiety to receive it.  

I'm grateful for every opportunity I have to better learn how to let go of stress, anxiety, and doubts because those things impede us all from receiving deeper revelation and peace from God. 

I'm also grateful for the power of the priesthood.  I know that the priesthood is given by the laying on of hands, and it is the power to act in Christ's name.  

I am grateful for the miracles that come from priesthood blessings.