Thursday, February 21, 2013

Uplifted By YOU!!

Tyson, at age 9, is really becoming passionate about his writing.  He had been writing such a fabulous book that when my husband found some of his writing on the computer, he honestly thought it was a segment out of a real book!  It was that creative and well-written! 

Tyson's older and younger brother saw his passion and decided that they wanted to write as well.  I have loved watching my rough and tough boys type away at their stories!  Their stories are mostly about big scary animals chasing innocent civilians, but at least they're writing!! :-) 

After weeks of writing, Tyson mistakenly erased his entire story!  I felt so sad for him.  He and I discussed the pain of losing the work. Because I had lost big projects on the computer as well, I taught him that God would help him rewrite an even better story if he would move forward with lots of prayer.  Still... it's extremely discouraging to see all that work just disappear.

It had been a few days since I had seen him write on his story, and I noticed that his brothers hadn't had the same passion since he lost his story either.  Yesterday, I brought it to his attention.  I said, "Tyson, I am so sorry for you that you lost your story because it was simply amazing!  I really want to see you write it again.  When you write, your brothers write too!!  Did you notice that?"  

He gave a shy smile and said, "Yes, but Mom, you are the one that makes me want to write.  I write my daily miracles because I see you writing yours down." 

Every morning, I see my children on my blog reading my posts.  We have all been touched by the many uplifting comments and stories that we have received via email, phone calls, Facebook, and blog posts.  

My miracle today is recognizing that when we testify to each other, we strengthen each other.  I have been uplifted and strengthened by your life experiences of faith and love.  I thank God for the many miracles HE is orchestrating in all of our lives around the world.

Since "passion" has been on my mind, I decided to post one of Tyson's Daily Miracles about football... which is one of his greatest passions- what a great kid!  One of my husband's favorite parts of this story is where Tyson clarifies that he is not in the NFL. :-) 

I play Football.  I played on the Lions. Not the NFL but the 7-8 years old one.  I love Football.  It’s my favorite sport.  Before my games I say a prayer.  I ask Jesus to help me do a good job.  He always makes me better.  I know He cares for us.  He even cares about little things like you can’t find your teddy bear.  I know He cares for us.  

One day one of my Football games was canceled cause of the rain.  Instead of playing on Saturday they said we could play on Sunday.  I knew that Sunday is the Sabbath day. I did not go to the Football game. I am happy I chose the right.