Friday, February 22, 2013

Miracle of the Diaper Cream

My poor little baby Jayden had a diaper rash tonight.  :(

He had spent the last 2 days with acidic diarrhea, so I had been lathering him with diaper cream and changing his diaper VERY often.  I kept thinking that his acidic diapers would clear up quickly since nobody else in the house was sick.

Tonight at my boys' cub scout pack meeting, I took little Jayden out to change his diaper, and his little bottom looked even worse!  All of a sudden I realized that because I thought his bout of diarrhea would be short-lived, I hadn't even prayed for him to feel better yet!!  Right then and there I said a sincere prayer that I would know how to make him feel better.

I lathered him up with diaper cream again and returned to the pack meeting.  Right when I went to my table, my friend approached me.  I casually told her that Jayden had a sore bottom, but I didn't even tell her I was having trouble or needed advice.  She immediately told me about a natural oil and vitamin mixture she makes for her baby.  She continued to tell me she had some at her house that she had just made, and she wanted to give it to me.

I couldn't believe it.  I exclaimed, "Oh my gosh!!  I just prayed in the mother's room to know what to do; and within minutes, you came up to me and gave me a wonderful alternative!"  She kind of brushed off my comment and proceeded to tell me more about her mixture.  Laughing, I stopped her and said, "Do you realize that you were a direct answer to my prayer?  That's a big deal!!  Angels just spoke to you!!!"

She laughed this time, but I was touched.  My prayer had been answered.  I'm sure she laughed because she didn't see herself as someone who had just received a Heavenly communication.  I don't think she realized that she was following a prompting to walk up to me and give me advice at that very moment.  I think it works like that more often than not though.  When we're simply working hard at trying to be a good person, God uses us just the way we are to be an answer to someone else's prayer.

After the pack meeting, I went directly to my friend's house for the special mixture.  She gave me a whole jar of it!  Once we arrived home, I rubbed it all over Jayden's little bottom, and he has been sleeping soundly ever since.

I love daily miracles.  I love answers to prayers!  Because God answered my prayer so quickly tonight, I realized that HE is always hearing my prayers at the very moment they are offered up.  When HE takes a little longer to show me the miracle, HE is answering that particular request in the very best timing that it is needed for my greatest growth.