Thursday, February 14, 2013

Perfect Man For Me

I loved spending alone time with my husband for Valentine's Day...   My miracle is short tonight because I'm looking forward to more date time yet tonight. :-)  

I thank God for my husband.  My heart was touched tonight watching him sprint to open my doors in Michigan's cold, harsh weather.  Abe always tells me that all he wants is for me to be happy!  I believe him!  He tries so hard!  

When Abe and I were dating, I made a comparison list of the reasons I would marry him instead of the other guys I was dating at the time.  (He hadn't proposed yet, but I wanted to be ready with my reasons should the opportunity arise.)  

There were all kinds of reasons that I loved Abe, but these 2 simple reasons made Abe stand apart from the rest in my mind at that time:

*He tried so hard at everything he did.  I knew he would never give up on our marriage or the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I knew he would endure any hardship.  

*He would be a wonderful father.  He played with every child he saw, and children were drawn to him. I felt his genuine love for them. 

As a young woman, I made a list of the qualities I wanted in my future husband.  After Abe and I started to date seriously, I found that list.  I was shocked to see that he fit into every qualification I had set... even down to the physical description of being dark and handsome. :-) 

Some day I'll post our love story.  People always ask us about our beginnings, and I would love to write it down.  Let me just say... our very first date was to the temple!  I knew I had a good catch from the beginning. :-)

My miracle is that God helped me to find the perfect man for me to marry... but only because I had already decided as a young girl what kind of man that would be.  I didn't have to settle for anything less.

I love you forever, my wonderful Abe.