Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Miracle of Passion

Tonight I watched a movie about a teacher who had forgotten the passion he once had for his job.  Over the course of the movie,  he took on a cause to help his school; and because of that, he began teaching with a stronger, more vibrant passion.  He became a great inspiration to his students!  The movie really was quite goofy with a lot of slapstick comedy; but for some reason, I found myself crying.  I made a stiff face trying to hold back the tears because I felt so silly crying over THIS movie of all movies.  I finally gave in and just cried.  

"What brought these tears?" I wondered.  I realized it was because I truly love to see people live their fullest lives by awakening their passions within.

Just last night, when I was about to go upstairs to bed after finally finishing all my duties, my sweet husband turned on one of his favorite country songs.  He pulled me to my feet to dance at 1am.  Yes, I was tired; but after exerting a little effort, my strength was quickly renewed as we two-stepped our way around the family room.  

Dancing in the middle of the night required some effort, but the results were worth it.  How often do I have an opportunity to dance with my husband without other little arms wrapped around our shoulders as well?  I LOVE those little arms, but awakening the marital bond with my husband was just what Abe and I needed.  I have a passion for dancing, but I hadn't danced alone with my husband for a really long time! 

Passion is good for the soul, and it is certainly healthy for a marriage.  Passion breeds excellence in whatever we choose to do.

Jordan, our 7 yr. old, was our only child born in Missouri.  We didn't know which doctor to choose, so we just went with the one our insurance suggested.  Despite the doctor's quirky ways, Abe and I liked him.  He often said off the wall comments, and we would leave the room chuckling and shaking our heads from our experience.

The office visits were fine, but I was worried about the delivery.  I wondered if our doctor would be able to take the birth of our child seriously.

Delivery day came, and I was trying to take myself into a zone to fully relax, when our doctor burst into the room talking really loud to Abe about the game on TV as if nothing else was going on at all.  He didn't even acknowledge me.  I felt like shouting, "Ummm.... Hello!!  I'm having a baby here!!!"   To Abe's relief, I held my tongue. :-)

I'm glad I held my tongue too because this doctor proved me wrong!  The moment the serious labor began, he was the BEST doctor I have ever seen in action.  Abe and I looked at each other in bewilderment wondering if this was the same guy as before.  I can't even put into words what exactly changed... just that we felt the depth of his passion.  I felt like he was doing what God had sent him here to do.  He was fabulous, and we were genuinely surprised.

 I could tell that while delivering babies, he was in his element.  His passion surfaced, and excellence prevailed.

Daily, I pray for excellence in motherhood, and sometimes it's hard to muster up the energy and passion necessary to succeed.

A few years ago, when we lived in Utah, Abe and I took our 2 neighbor kids, Abe's sister and brother-in-law, and our 4 kids on one of our favorite hikes.

The hike is gorgeous!  There is a little stream along the way, and there is greenery all around.  As you climb just a little and go around a bend, suddenly, a stunning waterfall appears... almost like it pops out of nowhere.  Everyone always gasps with surprise at the hidden and majestic beauty behind the trees.

This particular time, as we went around the bend, I saw someone repelling in the waterfall!!!!!!!!  OH MY GOSH!!  It looked amazing to me!!  I immediately told Abe that I wanted to do it.  Crazy enough, the guy actually approached Abe and asked him if he wanted to repel down the waterfall.  Abe said no, and the guy almost walked away until I shouted, "I want to do it!!!!  Please!!"  He looked at both of us and slowly said, "Alllllright."  

I chattered away to him nervously as we tied the rope around a tree that was in the water.  All of a sudden it didn't seem like the safe or smart thing to do.  There was no one below to belay me, and I hadn't gone repelling since I was 13 years old!

Although I had my fears, the guy was obviously experienced, so I did it anyway!  With the ropes securely wrapped around me, I said a prayer and began my descent through the waterfall!!  

I wasn't prepared for how heavy or cold the mountain water would be as it pounded on my head.  I could hardly breathe, but it was exhilarating to say the least!!!!

As I stepped out of the water, I felt passion well up within me, and I couldn't help but jump around!  I wanted to tell the world what I had just experienced!  

I had been doing fine in my daily routine; but after this one experience, fine wasn't enough!!  I had a greater passion for everything around me.  I felt renewed for months!!  I put my whole heart into my daily chores and definitely into my family.  

Sometimes, doing the unexpected awakens my passion inside.  Other times, sitting quietly in nature awakens and nurtures my passion.   I realize the awakening is different for everybody, but one thing is certain:  miracles take place when we live with passion.