Saturday, February 9, 2013

Miracle For a Dear Friend

I just returned from a beautiful baptism of a dear friend.  She had gone through many hard challenges in the past few years, and it lifted my heart to see her turn to God through these challenges.

Her brave, teenage daughter was baptized a year and a half ago, but my friend waited until she knew she was truly ready to make this covenant with God.  As the speakers gave their messages, I observed my friend's daughter for a while.  She radiated with beauty; her mother would soon be joining her on this journey of baptism and taking upon herself the name of Christ.

As I watched my friend go completely under the water to be baptized by immersion- just as Jesus was- I thought about the man who performed the baptism.  He had received the priesthood of God by the laying on of hands.  I thought about why it was that she chose this man to baptize her.  He had served her and been there for her throughout her times of need even when it wasn't easy to do so.  He had magnified his duties as a priesthood holder.

As I pondered the power of the priesthood, I heard the most precious words that brought tears to my eyes.  

My friend's sweet little 4 year old son quietly whispered, "That's my Mommy."

He said it as if he were in awe of the beauty of his mother.  This child was so proud of his mother, and I believe he was feeling a confirmation in his heart just like the rest of us that this was exactly where Jesus wanted us all to be tonight.

I witnessed a miracle tonight as I watched God's influence spread through this entire family.  I felt gratitude in my heart to know such brave souls that would take such a firm step toward their Savior, Jesus Christ.