Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Miracle

As much as I adore my children, I love it when they're all finally asleep.  A few nights ago, I kept hearing whispers, so I went into the big boys' room to find 4 of the children in a huddle discussing something with a flashlight.  I quickly dispersed their little band and sent them to bed. 

The next day, my four oldest children confessed their "crimes" of the previous night.  Apparently, they had been trying for several hours to sneak past me to the basement to put up the Valentines decorations.  They wanted to surprise me in the morning with a house full of hearts.  They had been devising a plan all evening on exactly how they would do the secret deed.

I was oblivious to their plans, but I had noticed they wore some strange black clothes underneath their pajamas.  I just assumed it was extra cold to them, so they were layering up; I had no idea it was their spy gear

I realized I had seen their actions so differently.  I thought they were being naughty and just not going to bed.  What a difference in perspective! 

Again tonight, my eyes were opened to a different perspective.  I was trying extra hard to get all the laundry done in the house.  That is a HUGE feat with 6 children.  All the children were having trouble staying motivated, but I kept having to ask Tyson to leave the computer and finish the laundry.  Several times, he would do a chore and then ask, "Now can I go to the computer?"  Finally... the chores were done, and I could let him go.  

One might think that he was begging to go to the computer to play.  Nope!  He wanted to write what was in his heart.  I had scolded him for not staying on task, yet he never let my words distract him from the love he was feeling in his heart.  My perspective changed and my heart melted when I read the words he wrote tonight.


Love is a really important thing to me.
You should also love those who are
mean to you. It is also important to
not just to walk up to people and tell
them you love them or just say hi. But
really get to know them.

In “Mathew 5-44” it says, “ But I say
unto you, love your enemies, bless
them that curse you, do good to them
that hate you, and pray for them which
despite fully use you, and persecute
I know Jesus loves us. I am great full
for the gospel.Love.


In honor of Valentine's Day approaching, I feel like I need to remember the miracle of a child's innocent love.  What a miracle that children can love so easily.  What a miracle that children can forgive so easily. What a miracle that children can see who we are despite our many faults.

I want to be more like a child. It will surely require a change in perspective.