Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Writing For Our Posterity

On my way to bed last night, I decided to check on all the kids one last time. Everyone was fine except for Jayden.  He was sleeping soundly, but he reeked of poop.  (Sorry there just isn't a better way to put it.)  I began to change him and realized it was all up his back and down his leg.  I had to change all of his clothes and fully wipe him down at 4am.  Of course, that woke him up all the way, so my opportunity to go to bed any time soon was gone.  

After such a rough night, I woke up exhausted.  Even after I had been walking around for a while, I still could barely pry my eyes open.  I prayed this morning wondering if it was worth staying up later than usual last night to write.  Immediately, the thought came strongly in my mind, "You are leaving your stories for your posterity."  I thanked Heavenly Father for renewing me.  

Soon after, my mother texted me out of the blue and said, "Loved the priesthood msg. Beautifully done. Glad you are recording for posterity."  I couldn't believe it!  God had spoken the importance of my posterity into my mind, and HE spoke the very same message into my mother's mind who confirmed that same message back to me.  I believe God wanted to make sure I heard HIS message loud and clear.

I thank our loving Heavenly Father who answers all prayers. I thank HIM for reminding me of the importance of passing on my testimony to my posterity. 

In remembering the importance of my posterity, I decided to share another one of Tyson's miracles, for us to read now and also for his posterity.

I remember this experience; it happened about a year and a half ago.  I am touched that he remembers it so well too, and I am grateful that he chose to write it down... He is 9 yrs. old.


Once we were driving late at night and we were all tired.  Soon we came to a red light.  The car in front of us went, so we thought we were supposed to go.  When we went mom noticed she had went at the wrong time!  When she noticed cars came zooming at her.  Mom thought the cars would hit her!  But then something turned the cars tires and we did not get hit!  Mom knew that the angels turned the cars tires.  We all said a prayer of thanks.  I’m happy for angels and the Holy Ghost.  I also know that Jesus died on cross and suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I love Jesus.  He is my strength. I know Jesus has a plan for us.  I love my family.